Gaz, Persian nougat

I received a box of Shervin Gaz from a friend who had just returned from Iran. Gaz is a popular Persian nougat made with the white milky sap found on the angebin plant along with egg white, sugar, rose water and pistachios. It’s sweet, milky, soft and chewy with a subtle hint of rose water. It is one of my favorite sweets!



St.Regis , Tianjin, China


I recently went to Tianjin for a weekend staycation. I highly recommend this hotel – great location, good service, and view.

Guests are given a complimentary drink (tea or coffee) for each day of their stay. I ordered a cheesecake to go with my coffee┬áand relaxed on the chaise lounge. ­čÖé

The breakfast buffet at the Promenade had a good spread of Western and Asian dishes. There is a terrace where you can enjoy alfresco dining. One of the two German waiters was super friendly. He made an effort to ensure that everything went well. He made my breakfast experience an enjoyable and memorable one.







The St.Regis bar offers a wide selection of cocktails. The cocktails were good. There are cozy couches on the terrace, where you can enjoy your drink with the view of the river. SPG members get 1 complimentary drink. Do ask what the complimentary drinks are as it is not stated on the drink menu.


Malaysia Boleh – Singapore

On my recent trip to Singapore, I was craving for some Cendol, and someone suggested this Malaysian restaurant, located on the 2nd floor of the Jurong Point shopping center. I thought it would be a sit-down order kind of place, but much to my surprise, one had to queue up and order from “hawker stalls”, like you would if you were in Malaysia – creative concept.


I was overwhelmed by choices. Prawn noodle is one of my favorite dishes, so I decided to order one. It was decent, but hailing from Malaysia, there are better ones back home.



Ahh … nothing like a bowl of cendol on a hot day. In terms of flavor, it wasn’t up to my standard.However, it did satisfy the cendol craving I had. What I did like about it was the shaved ice. It wasn’t coarse but felt like eating fluffy snowflakes.

The Banana Leaf Apolo – Little India, Singapore




I visited Little India when I was in Singapore 2 weeks ago. I didn’t explore the place, I was just there for Indian food. ­čÖé . The restaurant I found through google search, which had relatively good reviews, was The Banana Leaf Apolo.┬áI was skeptical at first to go in, but when I saw two foreigners enter, I followed along. I think this restaurant has two entrances. The entrance I found is in an alleyway.

I am a big fan of banana leaf. I ordered the banana leaf biryani rice set lunch. It came with 2 vegetables, chicken masala, chicken curry sauce, and papadum – It cost about 10 SGD. The food was decent, the restaurant was really clean, but the service was a little slow.I wouldn’t exactly recommend this place, as it is little India, I am sure there are better options.