Jack’s steak house

Jack's steak house is a long-established restaurant in Naha that opened in 1953. It used to be an “A-sign” restaurant that was an approved establishment for the US military personnel when Okinawa was still under American rule. The restaurant has maintained its retro old American diner decor. There are no reservations available; however, service is … Continue reading Jack’s steak house

A humble Shokudo and Teishoku restaurant

  I visited Tokashiki island in December. As it was not a peak tourist period, many shops and restaurants were closed. I took a taxi from Tokashiki port to Aharen beach. The taxi lady was kind to show me the restaurants that were open. After a lovely soak in the sun and sea, I headed … Continue reading A humble Shokudo and Teishoku restaurant

Miso with a history

Tamanaha has been making miso since the Ryukyu Kingdom period. This miso warehouse is less than a 10-minute walk from the Gibo station. The warehouse has an old exterior with a white sign "味噌醤油" (miso soy sauce) on the door. The miso here is produced through natural fermentation without additives. They sell four kinds of … Continue reading Miso with a history